Our Guarantee to You

This is our commitment to you:

We work to support and guide all our clients through the everyday burdens, challenges and opportunities that exist in today’s business environment as well as providing forward thinking advice to combine the personal ambitions of the owner with those of their business.

We do this by:

  1. listening to and communicating with all our clients and avoiding unnecessary jargon;
  2. phone messages to be returned by the end of the following business day;
  3. e-mails to be replied to within eight working hours;
  4. correspondence to be answered within five working days;
  5. flexible appointments to ensure no client is kept waiting to see us;
  6. acting in a professional manner and respecting client confidentiality at all times;
  7. keeping clients fully informed about what is happening with their affairs;
  8. understanding our clients business and how it works;
  9. a clear and transparent policy of fees, and whenever possible fixed fees with no surprises;
  10. unlimited telephone support, call us as much as you like without additional charges;
  11. providing relevant and valuable advise to all our clients;
  12. ensuring our clients only pay the tax the have to, not a penny more; and
  13. working with our clients to meet their long term goals.

It is often said that in life only two things are certain: death and taxes.

We can’t guarantee extending your life, but we may be able to reduce your tax bill, and we will do our very best to reduce the everyday stress of business, which may indeed … extend your life.

Please tell us if you are not satisfied with any part of our service, and don’t hesitate to tell others about us if you are satisfied.