Lacking Business Direction and Growth

Is this you? Lacking business direction and growth?  If it is, that’s okay, it’s okay because at some point in every business owner’s life there is the realisation that things aren’t as they expected.

First things first, its hard running a business, that’s right, its far easier being an employee, at least they go home at night and can switch off, can you?

No Plans, No Nothing

So, how can you change your situation, well it’s not easy, but it can be done.

One of the most common problems with every business is the lack of direction, you start a business and have an idea what you want from it and off you go… that’s right, off you go, no plans, no nothing…

As time passes and the business has grown, without a plan, then comes the realisation that the growth that was great in the early days has now slowed, or even stopped, but your overheads have increased, now growth is added to your lack of direction concerns. It’s all too common a story.

So, how can we help you?

Let’s look at what every business has in common. They all have a lot in common with your own life, that’s right, think about it, you are born through your teenage years (the start-up/early years business), through your 20s to 30s (your business grows), adulthood, your 40s to 50s (your business may falter, growth slows, a lack of planning shows) and then your later years (your business prospers if you have dealt with those midlife crisis issues) and finally leading to retirement (you look to sell the business).

Your Responsibility

If you think of your business in terms of your own life you will see it starts to make sense, the stages the business goes through, and at all those stages actions are required.

Leaving the analogy of human and business life behind, have you ever thought about all the different components of your business? All those areas of responsibility, your responsibility!

To make changes you need to recognise the following areas exist within your own business:

  • finance
  • management
  • sales
  • purchasing
  • delivery
  • marketing
  • brand
  • legal
  • human resources
  • debt collection

All these areas have to be looked at and dealt with if we are going to achieve your goals.

All In The Planning

If you have read this far I am sure by now you are starting to realise your lack of direction is what has led to your growth concerns, you can’t continually grow without direction and without a plan you can’t have direction, it’s time to make a plan!

This webpage is not meant to give you answers, it’s not possible to do that in a few words, it takes a lot of hard work to help any business and their owner, and anyone who offers a quick fix is only offering you at best a band-aid and not a real solution.

Every business owner will have a different reason for starting their business but being a slave to it will never be one of those reasons, and yet that is what so many become.

“Not enough hours in the day”, “working harder for the same, or even less money”, “not ticking one thing off my days to-so-list”, “not enjoying it anymore”, sounds like your life?

If any of this webpage has resonated with you then you need to make changes, you need to take back control, you need to remember your business should work for you and not the other way around.

It's All About You

At Holden Associates we can help you, but you need to be sure you really want our help, it will not be a quick fix, not everything will work and you have to be willing to listen and implement agreed on changes. So, what’s your investment for this service? Fees start at £695 plus VAT per month.

Remember, this is about you, your family, your business, your future and your journey, our role at Holden Associates is to guide and challenge you and your preconceived ideas of what being in business should look like, and in return together we will make a real difference, and a change, to your life. This is a journey that starts with you and is centred around your own growth and improvement as much as that of your business.

If you want to work with us and make changes, we ask one thing of you before you ring…

What is your vision for your business right now? Write this down and we will revisit it and update it throughout our journey together.

What we will achieve when we work together:
Improve – your cashflow, funding and tax efficiency
Grow – your business, financial independence, balance between work, family and yes, your ‘selfish time’
Inspire …. You write this one, once we finish

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Strategic Direction and Growth Solutions

Our Core Values

It is hard to convey who we are on a website, after all you haven’t met us, you don’t know us, so, we all sat down and between us came up with what we consider to be our core values, the values that underpin our business and our approach, it goes without saying we are professionally qualified and technically capable, so what are our core values.


Our advisors and their skills aren’t just tried and tested; they’re trusted too. We’re technically competent, experienced and completely confidential when working with our clients.


We’re not about the corporate feel. We’re a warm, friendly, approachable team who pride ourselves on communicating in layman’s terms – no silly bamboozle, just simple business.


Our analytical skills are second to none; we certainly don’t take things at face value and in our industry, a keen eye for analysis can be the difference between standard assistance and excellent services.


Contrary to popular belief, accountants are humans too! We’re wholly empathetic and can relate to a variety of life and business experiences to provide an excellent, trusted service.


Our door is always open. There’s no question too complicated, and no job too big or small. We want our customers to feel totally comfortable when seeking help and guidance, and they do.

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