Limited Company

Do you run your business through a Limited Company? If you do then this page is for you.

Holden Associates already act for many owner managed limited company clients just like you, in fact Holden Associates Limited is also an owner managed business, one that was itself a start-up in 2002, so we already have a lot more in common with you than you think!

We are not just another generic general accounting practice offering the same services and guarantees as everyone else, when in reality we all know accountants will do tax returns, annual accounts and try to turn them round within 30 days.

No, what separates Holden Associates from the rest is … well it is us, Jason, Nicola and Erika and those that support us in maintaining our high levels of customer care.

If you want business advice and guidance then call Jason.

It is my job to ensure everything runs smoothly for our clients, from doing their year end accounts and tax returns to being there to advise them on cash-flow and where next for their business, even when this involves putting them in touch with other professionals who can better help them.

If you want bookkeeping advice or assistance then call Nicola.

Everything bookkeeping and VAT that’s me. Whether we do your bookkeeping for you or you do your own and you have a question, that’s why I’m here.

If you want specialist tax advice, well that’s Erika’s area.

I am a Chartered Tax Adviser and Trust and Estate Practitioner specialising in tax and wealth planning and that includes tax planning for your limited company.

As you can see we have it covered, but with Holden Associates you get access to us, not our staff, not our receptionist acting as the ‘gatekeeper’, you get our personal email addresses, our mobile telephone numbers and unless we are in meetings we WILL answer your call.

If you are not local that’s okay, we have many clients throughout the UK who are just as happy dealing with us via email, skype or good old fashioned BT.

For a level of support and care that you have never experienced before from an accountant call Holden Associates today on 01704 320560 and see how we can help you.