R&D Tax Credits

£1 billion

Did you know that Small and Medium Sized UK businesses have claimed nearly £1 billion in R&D Tax Credits?

WOW, speaking as someone who runs a family business that’s a lot of money, so have you had your slice, our clients have!

Oddly enough, with all this money on offer it would appear that many in the ‘small’ business sector are missing out.

The IT, professional, scientific and technical sectors lead the way by accounting for over half of all R&D claims.

My business doesn’t have R&D, does it?

I think this is where the message is getting lost, R&D Tax Credits are not restricted to these sectors, not at all, the criteria you need to meet is:

  1. advancement
  2. uncertainty

Now I don’t mean to be vague here, although I am going to be, but if your accountant hasn’t talked to you about R&D Tax Credits then you could be missing out on thousands of pounds!!

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