Our accounting service

As is the case with all accountancy practices Holden Associates are also able to prepare the accounts of sole traders, partnerships, limited companies, limited liability partnerships, charities and calculate the tax liabilities thereon.

However, as a matter of policy Holden Associates take this basic accounting function one step further with all our clients.

After preparing the accounts, tax returns etc. we take this opportunity to have further discussions with our client with the specific task of discussing the future of their business and the strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats that exist.

These discussions very often provide substantial ‘thought for the future’ both positive and negative for our clients.

Advice that is gained during these discussions is often acted upon by our clients and results in an increase in profitability or a reduction in potential losses.

It is also during these discussions with our clients that we can uncover additional tax saving benefits that may be gained.

Contact Holden Associates today on 01704 320560 and find out what we can, and will do, for you and your business, and compare it with what you are currently receiving from your accountant.