Our management consultancy services

With the preparation of management accounts and regular contact Holden Associates are able to provide a substantial benefit to the development of any business.

Many businesses fail when they have been slow to react to the changes that have occurred because they are still relying on historic annual accounts.

This is why monthly or quarterly management accounts are important, they provide a window into the health and performance of a business, and an opportunity to react quickly to any changes.

Many owner-managed businesses are not big enough to employ a full-time in-house finance director, this is a role we often fill, we become integral to your operation, gaining an even greater insight which in turn allows us to better help and support you and your business, fulfilling our tagline of ‘your partner in business’.

At Holden Associate we provide a range of services from management accounts, forecasting the cash flow to comparing actual performance to budgeted, so why not contact Holden Associates today on 01704 320560 and ask how our management consultancy service can help you get more from your business.