Our taxation services

Our taxation services fall into two distinct categories:

Firstly, there is compliance for:

Business Tax

  • Business taxation including the preparation of tax computations for sole traders and partnerships.
  • Corporation taxation covering the preparation of tax computations for limited companies and the completion of Corporation Tax Returns.

Personal Tax

  • Personal tax including preparation of self assessment tax returns together with any supplementary pages.

In all cases we use a sophisticated tax return preparation program to complete your returns and calculate your tax position with maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Secondly, we offer Tax Planning:

This can, and very often does provide real reductions in tax liabilities.

It is very important that any tax planning is reviewed on a regular basis and always with an eye on the future.

All our tax planning is carried out by a Chartered Tax Adviser. Taxation is an increasingly complex profession and requires a great deal of expertise. At Holden Associates we believe our clients deserve the very best advice, and it is for this reason alone that we will only use a Chartered Tax Adviser to advise and guide you.

For more on how Holden Associates can help you keep more of what you make, not only today, but also in the future, contact us today on 01704 320560.