You would be forgiven for thinking the only time you need to consider preparing a cashflow forecast and projections is when you either want finance or when you first start out, and although much of the time these are the only times most will consider using this service, here at Holden Associates, we think this is a mistake.

Ask yourself, would you set off on a long journey without knowing the route you are about to take, whether that’s having a map or programming your Sat Nav, the answer will be no, then why would you not have a map for your businesses journey?

Your Company

A cashflow forecast will enable you to see the highs and lows in your cashflow, you can predict when an overdraft or loan will be needed in advance.

A cashflow forecast will help you budget for any major expenditure on equipment and if funding is needed you can approach funders in advance with plenty of time to spare and not last minute, ask yourself, would you rather lend money to a business that anticipates its needs or one that is taken by surprise?

The cashflow forecast goes hand in hand with the projections.

Looking Forwards

12, 18 or 24 months periods can be projected forward, future sales projected along with the needs for staffing, premises, finance, stock and only by preparing a projection can you begin to set targets for your business, after all without targets to meet how will you ever achieve your business goals let alone your personal ones.

Here at Holden Associates we know the importance of looking forwards, although much of an accountant’s role traditionally is backward facing, it’s now more important than ever you know what’s coming.

With cashflows and projections you will be able to:

  • anticipate funding needs
  • prepare for changes in staffing, premises, stock etc
  • set clear goals for both the business and you personally

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Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Our Core Values

It is hard to convey who we are on a website, after all you haven’t met us, you don’t know us, so, we all sat down and between us came up with what we consider to be our core values, the values that underpin our business and our approach, it goes without saying we are professionally qualified and technically capable, so what are our core values.


Our advisors and their skills aren’t just tried and tested; they’re trusted too. We’re technically competent, experienced and completely confidential when working with our clients.


We’re not about the corporate feel. We’re a warm, friendly, approachable team who pride ourselves on communicating in layman’s terms – no silly bamboozle, just simple business.


Our analytical skills are second to none; we certainly don’t take things at face value and in our industry, a keen eye for analysis can be the difference between standard assistance and excellent services.


Contrary to popular belief, accountants are humans too! We’re wholly empathetic and can relate to a variety of life and business experiences to provide an excellent, trusted service.


Our door is always open. There’s no question too complicated, and no job too big or small. We want our customers to feel totally comfortable when seeking help and guidance, and they do.

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