Nicola Holden

My name is Nicola Holden and I am responsible for the bookkeeping and VAT support services at Holden Associates. It was after 10 years in retail management that I retrained in 2000 as a bookkeeper, and successfully completed the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers exams.

Having worked as a bookkeeper for several multiple site owner managed businesses before going into the accountancy profession in 2007, I have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience that today I find very relevant and useful to our owner managed business clients.

“I apply my retail knowledge and bookkeeping experience to my role here at Holden Associates to ensure all our clients receive the very best business support we can offer.”

Here at Holden Associates we understand and appreciate that there is very little time left at the end of the week to ‘do the books’ when you are running your own business, so it is our aim to reduce or remove the hassle of keeping an accurate set of records just to file a vat return with the ‘Taxman’.

“As the ‘Taxman’ constantly reminds business owners, like you and me, there is no excuse for not keeping proper accounting records, well here at Holden Associates we agree and that is why if you don’t want us keeping your records for you we offer a training and support service so you can do it yourself, this includes helping you choose the right bookkeeping solution for you and your business, this may be online like QuickBooks Online or Xero or it just may be a desktop solution.”

We know the cost of using a bookkeeper is probably not high on a business owners list of priorities but remember by using a good bookkeeper it will reduce your workload and free up your time to pursue other interests, business or personal.

“Did you know that the vast majority of our clients who use our bookkeeping services take advantage of the quarterly management accounts service we offer, this is a free service where we prepare a basic set of accounts with an estimate of your tax liabilities, and for those who want more they can take up our business development service.”

“At Holden Associates we consider the cost of a good bookkeeper is an investment in your business.”

It is our ultimate aim here at Holden Associates, together with the other professionally qualified people we partner with, to make Holden Associates a ‘one stop shop’ for all our clients business needs, whether it be bookkeeping, accounting, taxation, employment law, business advice or even help with find overseas professional advisers, but at all times remembering that each client is different, and they all deserve the very best advice and support we can offer.