Small Business Accountant – make your business a success

Small Business owners need just as much help and support from their accountants as the likes of Tesco, in fact in many cases, more so.

So many small business owners don’t use their accountant enough, often this is through fear of the cost.

It’s true that nothing in life comes for free, but imagine if your business used the services of a small business accountant to actually help them grow?

Instead of an accountant who you see once a year to get a tax bill and the accountants bill, imagine an accountant:

  • that like you was also in business,
  • one that had to deal with red tape, the taxman, marketing and competition; and
  • like you one that worked all the hours it takes to make their business a success.
Why us?

At Holden Associates we are just like our clients, we are a family run business, we have to trade in a competitive environment that is full of so many other accountants all saying the same thing ‘we are different’, when really the only thing different is how our services can be delivered.

Has your accountant asked you any of the following questions:?

  1. What do you want to achieve with your business?
  2. How are you going to get your business to where you want it?
  3. Then what? ….
A business plan…

It’s interesting, but most of the advice you see on the internet about running a business concentrates on having a business plan, something that is usually prepared on day one and then put away, well imagine a world where you:

  • had the support of an accountant who knew what you wanted from your business, knew your goals, ambitions and aims; and
  • worked with you to achieve them.

Remember, not everyone has the same end game for their business, yours might be:

  • a shorter working day,
  • more money,
  • more holidays,
  • you may want to build some big and sell out while you are young; or
  • you may just want to enjoy something smaller that you can run until you are well in your 70’s and just enjoy.

There really is no right or wrong for what you want, after all it is your business and you can do as you please, don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise, after all, isn’t that why we work for ourselves?

If you want to find out more about how an accountant can advise and support you, no matter how small your business, or how big you want to grow please feel free to contact us at Holden Associates.