Owner Managed Business

New grants to boost recovery of small businesses
£20 million of government grants Thousands of smaller businesses in England are set to benefit...
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Waiver of dividends and remuneration
Waiver of dividends and remuneration Many companies are experiencing financial difficulties brought about by the...
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redundancy pay
How to Calculate Statutory Redundancy Pay
While some help is available to employers through the Coronavirus Job Retention scheme to help...
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company vans
Tax Charge on Company Vans
An employee may be provided with a company van to enable them to do their...
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Defer VAT
Defer VAT During the COVID-19 Pandemic
To help businesses struggling with their cashflow during the COVID-19 pandemic, VAT registered businesses can...
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director salary
Profit Extraction in 2020/21 – What is the Optimal Salary?
A popular tax-efficient profit extraction strategy used by personal and family companies is to take...
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Cars and Vans – What’s New for 2020/21
There are a number of changes that apply from the start of the 2020/21 tax...
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home business
Running a Business From Home
Small businesses can choose to be taxed on the basis of the cash that passes...
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Restricted Employment Allowance
The employment allowance is currently worth up to £4,000 per year but can only be...
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directors salary
Optimum Director’s Salary 2020/21
It’s a question we see asked an awful lot by directors; ‘What salary level should...
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